About Us

After ten years of working for my towing business and five years of owning it I realized there is a lot of parts of the business I loved and many other parts of being the business owner I didn’t like. The funny part is that the parts I liked the best were the parts other owners hated. So I gave the company back to my parents and started working full time at my company, Prestige.

We have been operating since 2010 working on the management side of nonprofits and business consulting specializing in bookkeeping. but over the last couple years I have been working on a new system. How many people have had to hire a new employee recently...so you know how much of a pain it can be. The posting of ads and then reading through hundreds of applications while the whole time not really getting a feeling of who is going to be the right person. Then going through interviews and what happens when you hire someone, train them and they leave. The time alone is enough to make you dread doing it before you even start.This is one of the many things that prestige management and consulting does. We take care of the posting the right info to the right places so that you get the right applicants. Then we go through every email narrowing down the group. Then we conduct the first set of phone interviews with questions not only ABOUT EXPERIENCE BUT ABOUT PERSONALITY and making sure they fit into your company's environment and culture. Then we schedule a first round of interviews with both you and I to showing you what out of the box questions through behavioral interviewing and what answers create the right employee.  Think about what it would be like to get the right employee and all you had to do is open the door and say hello.  There is a better way to hire better people.

How about when you're creating a new company and need a business plan with future budgets for the bank or partners. Going through market research and looking up statistics to create a plan and forecasting expenses sound like fun. Of course not. And who has time. Well we do that.Some of the other things we do besides hiring and business plans are, projections and future budgets, quickbooks training, HR and employee handbooks. That’s right all the jobs the most employers hate are the things that we love.

At Prestige Management and Consulting we take care of the work that keeps you busy so you can stay busy working.